Latinas in Medicine


Curriculum topics are delivered to participants through group and one-on-one sessions. Through our relationships with community partners, participants have the opportunity to experience one-on-one mentorship with doctoras in their preferred field of study.

Participants get individual, customized academic advising that allows participants to fulfill on graduate program requirements and their chosen major/field of study with the goal of participants entering the doctoral level degree of study.

Summer 1

Welcome Retreat

Academic Year

Writing and Reading Skills, Career/Resume, Time Management

Summer 2

Week-long Residential, Graduation


Mentoring, Networking, MCAT & Test Prep, Internships

Evaluation and Assessment

Although currently very underrepresented, Latina physicians are generally younger than NHW male physicians and, therefore, have many productive years left to contribute their lived experience, bilingual skills, and cultural concordance to a growing Latino patient population.

Increasing their share of the U.S. physician workforce could benefit the pursuit of health equity for an ever more diverse population.



Mentorship is at the heart of LIM curriculum. The mentoring relationship starts as early as high school and follows students throughout their undergraduate career (including transfer from community college to university for community college students), and throughout their graduate and professional school.

Additionally, peer-to-peer mentoring allows senior participants to guide junior participants based on their recent experiences through academic transitions.



In the academic advising, we discuss strategies to maintain good academic standing and appropriate course loads, while balancing their academic goals with extracurricular activities. We assist participants through the various academic transition periods. 



We pair participants with community partners in clinical settings to help them obtain clinical experience. Clinical opportunities can span various healthcare settings, including medical, dental, veterinary, cross-border clinical experiences with binational community partners, and more. 



We pair participants with research groups to develop basic research skills and broaden upon their academic and clinical experiences. 



We provide participants with leadership skills, leadership opportunities, and exposure to powerful Latina community leaders. In addition, we provide coaching to develop leadership


Community Service

Participants are provided with various volunteering opportunities with community organizations to contribute to local communities in need.