Now more than ever,
Latinas are needed in Healthcare

California needs Spanish-speaking physicians more than any other linguistically underrepresented language group. The current supply is insufficient to address the expected demand from the Spanish-speaking population.

According to the ACS 2014–2018 5-year estimates, NHW physicians make up 65.8% of physicians in the United States.

Women comprise 36.1% of the total U.S. physician population; however, Hispanic/Latina women comprise only 2.4%

Inspiring, guiding and empowering Latinas who choose careers in medicine.

Our vision is to increase the number of Latina women in the medical fields by inspiring and nurturing elementary, high school, and and college-aged Latinas through mentorship, academic support, and career and leadership development.

Participants get individual, customized academic advising that allows participants to fulfill on graduate program requirements and their chosen major/field of study with the goal of participants entering the doctoral level degree of study.

Veronica N. Palomino, MD, MPH, Founder & Executive Director

The numbers are very clear, Latinos are underrepresented in the healthcare field, and the gap is even bigger when we think about Latinas. We have found that in order to close the gap we need to develop a workforce that looks like the population it serves. This begins early and continues consistently throughout the education and training process. The growing minority population and our country’s health depends on it.